• our mission & vision


    to increase the resilience of activists, human rights defenders, journalists, and their networks worldwide through digital security and psychosocial support



    a world where people can speak without fear of repercussion, ending the silence of censorship


    CommunityRED is a 501(c)3 organization headquartered in Washington, DC

  • our work

    available as fee-for-service options


    our core team is complemented by a range of trusted, trained consultants that may be engaged for larger organizations and networks


    If you need an expert guide to digital security


    Digital Security Essentials trainings are typically 2-3 hours in length and appropriate for groups of up to 15 people. We’ll teach you how to immediately stay safer online and protect your data and communications from a range of threats. You’ll walk away with your questions answered feeling more powerful and knowledgeable about digital security.


    Sessions can be tailored to your needs including digital security for travel, personal digital security, or digital security for remote teams. Most trainings can be provided in-person or remotely.


    On-going Support allows you to have your concerns and questions answered by our expert trainers. Sometimes you don’t know you have a question until you face a new digital security challenge---we can guide you to make safer decisions when the need arises.

    Audits and Threat Analysis

    If you want to know what you don't know


    Custom Threat Analysis to understand your risks, vulnerabilities, and opportunities to protect your data and communications. Our custom threat models account for the type of work you do, where you work, and who you work with.


    May include assessments of your communication and work culture including staff stress levels and experiences with trauma (vicarious or direct).


    Custom Strategies based on our findings considers not only what will best improve the security of your communications and data--but also what is most realistically implemented with your team considering workload, technical acumen, and existing communication culture.


    May include the creation of communication protocol or decision trees that guide your team's decision making around safer data storage and communication.


    Problem Solving

    If you have known, specific challenges (hacks, doxxing, powerful adversaries)

    Deep Need-Finding Process to understand your identified risk or vulnerability. This may include technical assessments of your computer(s), phone(s), and networks and an evaluation of stress and trauma levels of you and your team.


    Response Strategy will be designed for your needs and your budget. Whether you've experienced a hack, government sponsored intrusion, privacy invasion, or are the target of trolls, doxxing or you just suspect something's not right--we'll create a plan that's right for you.


    Preparation of Hardware allows our technical experts to ensure sure your devices are clean and safe. This may also include personal trainings on digital security tools and techniques.

    Psychosocial Care

    If you want to assess or care for you or your team's psychosocial well-being

    Evaluation of Stress Levels provides an understanding of team stress levels and underlying causes. An assessment tool is administered and analyzed by our licensed psychologist.


    Vicarious Trauma Training is a 90-minute session (remote or in-person) that is ideal for teams that support vulnerable individuals. Participants are equipped with tools that can be immediately used to understand and manage their own vicarious trauma as well as recognizing vicarious trauma in their colleagues. Reduces burnout and staff turnover.


    Personal Resilience Training is a 90-minute session (remote or in-person) that teaches your team to understand and improve their personal resilience to stress and challenges at work and at home.


    Psychological First-Aid can be provided by our licensed psychologist in the aftermath of unexpected, stressful, or traumatic events your team may experience. Recommendations/referrals for ongoing support can be made to team members in need of additional services.

  • partnerships

    a snapshot of partnerships with organizations and networks around the world


    Using games to enhance learning

    CommunityRED builds and deploys computer desktop games and tabletop games for teams to address digital security and information security needs in challenging environments. We have customized our computer desktop game to teach principles of journalism for journalists in an active conflict zone and developed table-top simulations for activists combatting fake news campaigns.

    Database Management

    Helping human-rights lawyers, activists, journalists, election monitoring teams, and media outlets in MENA, SouthEast Asia, and the former Soviet Union secure their data

    Choosing a database is a long-term decision, and altering that decision later can be very difficult and disruptive. CommunityRED has worked with a number of NGOs in different regions on data management issues. With a number of database options available in the market, we have helped NGOs to understand their needs and prioritize steps for proper data management implementation. Beginning with an evaluation of requirements of the client, a database is selected considering factors like type and volume of data, need for accessibility, user controls, backups, levels of security, etc.

    Information Security & Threat Modeling

    Helping human-rights defenders, journalists, and media outlets in SouthEast Asia and the former Soviet Union manage risks in complex environments

    Considering evolving political situations in these regions, CommunityRED has worked with local NGOs and facilitated conversations about information security. As a result, a custom set of recommendations and solutions were created to help reduce the attention drawn to activist networks and organizations. After conducting country specific assessments, a report on internal and external threats, challenges and changes was created. It helped partners identify possible attack vectors which in turn laid out foundations for planning future professional activities.

    Government Surveillance

    Supporting journalists and human rights defenders in the former Soviet Union manage government surveillance

    The overall security of activist networks in post-Soviet countries deteriorated as a direct result of increased capacity of government surveillance. The dynamic and ever-changing nature of communication channels brought brand new opportunities for external players in efforts to control the flow of information. CommunityRED has worked with NGOs and activist networks to develop and implement custom strategies that enhanced the overall level of security and contributed to deeper understanding of potential threats for the network. As a result of digital security training followed by remote tech support, a trusted relationship was created between an activist network member and CommunityRED staff. It has proven to be an important aspect of local culture for long-lasting engagement.

    Human Network/Organizational Security

    Building resilient networks of human rights activists, journalists, and their supporters in South Asia and the Caucuses

    CommunityRED has developed a replicable, scalable process of improving the resilience and safety of activist networks operating in high-risk environments. Our data driven process combines psychosocial and behaviors change strategies with information security strategies to measurably enhance a network's ability to manage crises and attacks from powerful adversaries.

  • leadership

    Holly Davis

    Executive Director

    Holly brings over 10 years of deep experience as an activist and non-profit executive to our team. She understands the human challenges of implementing change and the need to create safe, yet functional systems of communication and data storage for teams. Holly distills your complex challenges into simple, understandable plans to create the change you want to see in your organization.


    Holly was previously the Managing Director at Global Zero working internationally to eliminate nuclear weapons and has also worked at All Out promoting equality worldwide, as well as advancing democracy and civic participation at AmericaSpeaks and the Minnesota State University Student Association. She holds a Master of Public Administration from American University in Washington, D.C. and a B.A. in sociology and child development and care systems from Cornell College.

    Sarah Lange

    Director of Research and Global Programs

    Sarah has more than a decade of experience as an international activist and strategic analyst in some of the most challenging operational environments in the world from Tajikistan to Syria. With a broad knowledge of international and domestic actors, she analyzes your risks and opportunities to guide and prioritize how you secure your data and communications.


    Sarah has been working in the former Soviet Union since 2006. She was an Anne E. Borghesani Scholar and Fulbright Scholar in Kazakhstan and a National Geographic Young Explorer in Central Asia. Sarah received a BA from Tufts University and an MA from the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy. She previously served as Executive Director of the Arzuw Foundation and was an AmeriCorps VISTA in Shreveport, Louisiana. Sarah’s background includes emergency response training and experience working in disaster zones with traumatized people.